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Hey there everyone, That's right. (mine, and my brothers website) is starting its own Internet Talk Radio Program. I am hoping to get indeepth on critical issues, and I am hoping to have guests on the show, as well as callers. I hope you all can tune in with us, e-mail show idea's etc.!! First show will be Feb 9th, 10:00 AM Pacific Time. Join in and listen, Call in and be on the show!!
Tune in and listen through your computer

Or tune in by phone, Or call in to be a guest on the show!
(646) 595-2426

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Hey everybody,
Just gonna leave a quick journal post. I don't have internet access right now. So, I will probably only be checking e-mail and things 2 to 3 times per week. When ever I feel like draging my computer to the nearest library or starbucks. I am going to set up to leave voice posts here on my on-line journal to keep everybody updated on things. When I leave the voice posts just make sure to click and listen to it because the program doesn't seem to translate the voice into texed very well...LOL.
Not too much going on. Went to the stable yesterday to find that Ari somehow injured the side of his head. Its not bad and the vet stiched it right up. He shouldn't even have a scare from it. Its just scarey because he almost got his eye! We still don't know how he did it. Just too be on the safe side we move him to another stall in case it was something sharp that did it.

Is the Grim Reaper stalking me?
Probably not but it sure seems like it. I have lost so many people that are close to me in the last two years or so.

Our family friend Emilia
My uncle harry
My great grandmother March 2008
Our close family friend olga
My friend Grant
Our family friend Ester
My cusin Teri 9/5/2009
Our close friend Bette Wilson 9/16/2009

Grim reaper go away for awhile. I am tired of buring my friends and family and need a break.

I am going to Teri's funeral tomorrow.

More sad news
This morning my Cusin Teri fell and hit her head. She died instantly.

Hey everybody, sorry for the deley in an update. I have been super busy. They decided to lift the evac. on Ari's Area. The fire is still on the other side of the freeway. But we still have trailers on stand all we would need to do is walk them in the trailer and drive.
Ari is freeked out by all the smoke...(well, so are all of the other horses too)
The fire is far enough to keep the horses there BUT close enough that is wind changes we will have to move them over to the Griffith park horse evac.
I was up with Ari both yesterday and today...other then being a little freeked out he is doing great.

SHIT...Getting ready to evacuate Ari from Fire

Fire is getting close to Ari...going up to trailer him to horse evac. DAMN FIRES

A long needed update
I know, I know! I can't bealive the last time I updated the page here was on Gus's birthday in June. I have been writting in mu hand written journals. Tons have happened since then and I am not sure where to even start. But I will do my best.

1. No I have not found work yet BUT I did win my battle with unemployement and have been getting unemployement checks.

2. Yes, Gus and I are homeless and have been since the the end of June.

3. Good news is that Gus's department ended up being spared and he still has his job with the city. However, he lost his second part time job....and hasn't been able to find a second part time right now.

4. My Grandma Nana, was diagnosed with breast cancer. This month she has gone through surgury and had both breasts removed and will be starting chemotherpy soon. SO, other then looking for work, and trying to find a place to live...I have been helping her as much as I can.

5. I have a website that I plan to do a lot with but in the meantime you can still check it out at

6. Other then dealing with looking for a place to live, find a job, and helping grandma, I still have managed to keep my pets (horse included) I manage that I will never know...sometimes I even amaze myself. and I have been working on more Art pieces.

I think that about covers it.


Just an update
Well, just wanted to give everybody an update. I still have not found another job. There just isn't much out there right now. Becoming homeless is only a matter of a few days now. Gus got his lay-off notice at, we can't affors rent and food. The time has come where we have to choose spending the money on food. Just the way things are.
My grandma Nana has taken a turn for the worset. Of if the disks in her back have sliped and she is in horriable pain and isn't able to even get out of bed. I have been with her around the clock the last few days helping her.
Not too much else to report right now.



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